Making Bricks; Keep it Simple

Posted: July 23, 2013 by Meaghan Priebe in DIY Training, Organizational Development
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In our last post we discussed potential challenges to making bricks; challenges mainly consist of issues regarding lack of time, lack of resources, adopting do-it-yourself (DIY) training initiatives and the sharing of training programs (both internally and externally).  Though these challenges may arise, we have developed strategies to overcome obstacles and assure success.  These strategies are based on three pillars; simple, standardized, and shared.

This post is focused on one of these three pillars, simple.  To make it simple, we;

  • Fine-tune the result statement
  • Break a broad task into smaller steps
  • Let our video speak first and audio second

A fine-tuned result statement keeps us focused and efficient.  When a training program is focused on being simple it is easier to break into smaller steps and becomes more manageable.  Letting your video speak first, makes it easier to think visually and say less.

To assure success in developing and initiating training programs, it must be simple.  In our next post we will discuss our second pillar to our strategy; standardized.

Why do you think simplicity is difficult to achieve when launching DIY training initiatives?


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