Training Can be as Simple as Hard-Boiling an Egg

Posted: June 10, 2013 by Meaghan Priebe in DIY Training, Organizational Development

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Brick as “a handy-sized unit of building or paving material,” and also, “a good-hearted person.”  Our vision with the Mastery Bricks training community incorporates both of these definitions.  A brick is needed to build something, and the more bricks needed the greater or more intricate the result may be.  Similarly, with training, you start with not-so-difficult training for someone new to an area or the organization, but as the worker progresses you add more training for the more complex tasks.  Good-hearted, energizing and inspiring people at organizations will take the initiative and begin applying these principles and motivate others to participate.

We suggest making a visual model, such as a simple video that lasts around two minutes or less.  The model covers only one, useful, end result so that it stays simple, focused, and easily comprehended, for example; the procedure to hard-boil an egg.

Once the procedure of hard-boiling an egg is broken down into steps, you can use visuals, such as simple video, to help strengthen the understanding and mastery of the procedure.  Then, more complex Bricks can be assembled for other creations that evolve from the already mastered procedure, making a hard-boiled egg.  Examples of more complex Bricks from this first mastered procedure may include procedures for making deviled eggs, making egg salad or even dying an egg.

This collaborative training community will continually innovate and evolve.  If we can share some of our Bricks within our community, these sharable Mastery Bricks can be combined and assembled to construct customized courses, helping to reduce individual’s workload. If we can collaborate we can do it, especially if we appreciate that its right when it’s simple.

In the coming posts we’ll be discussing why Mastery Bricks can help overcome the overwhelming challenges that commonly occur when developing, maintaining and implementing training programs. What challenges do you face when working on your training and developing initiatives?

Keep a lookout for Bricks, video examples as well!

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