The Best Ideas can be Shared

Posted: August 16, 2013 by Meaghan Priebe in DIY Training, Organizational Development
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Our most recent posts have discussed two of our three pillars in our plan to overcome obstacles and assure success.  These three pillars (or strategies); simple, standardized, and shared, offer guidance when developing and initiating do-it-yourself (DIY) training programs at your organization.  As a training organization, we have given in-depth thought to these strategies… now is the time we begin sharing them.

Our Bricks training community serves as a collaborative community with a cooperative spirit.  Without collaboration, ideas, strategies, standards and guidelines plateau and are unable to improve or become more efficient.  Collaboration and cooperation are such vital components in assuring success in training initiatives that we knew our plan to overcome obstacles must include the pillar, shared.

Of course there has to be some sort of filter for sharing, and protecting each other’s ideas and proprietary properties.  Mastery Bricks offers two trusted sources to aide in protecting these concerns; YouTube, and our own organization, Mastery Technologies.  YouTube is the trusted source for only allowing members of our community to share, collaborate and connect to each other.  Mastery Technologies serves as the curator for protecting the community and ensuring content meets the community’s standards. 

Mastery is making the commitment to share all that we can (that is not proprietary) of practices within our organization.  We use our internal functions and employees to share their personal best practices for daily tasks and operations.  The power of collaborating within our Bricks community will ignite discussion and spark innovation for a variety of workplaces and industries.  Are you ready to share in our collaborative community?

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