What is a “Mastery Brick”?

Posted: May 31, 2013 by Meaghan Priebe in DIY Training, Organizational Development


There seems to be common notions when it comes to developing training programs within organizations; the process is hard and usually overwhelming.  And though here at Mastery we understand these concerns (and can even relate), we are certain there is a way to initiate training to overcome the common challenges and fears stopping many from developing, implementing and maintaining their own training programs.  To help start these “DIY” training initiatives, we introduce our Mastery Bricks training community.

We have boiled down our definition of a Mastery Brick to this;

A simple lesson to master a simple result

In other words, a Brick is the smallest learning unit that can be used to pave a path to competency in a broader skill, concept or procedure.

The intentions of these lessons are to avoid complexity and confusion by being specific and to the point, by using the fewest words possible for easy understanding.  We can do this by creating an effective visual model to demonstrate each task and concept.

In the next post we will discuss what a Brick is and describe how to use an effective visual model.  Do you have a training initiative you’d like to activate in your organization?

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